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One of the premier management training institutions in Eastern India

Welcome to BSMS, one of the premier management training institutions in Eastern India, providing the unique combination of academic excellence, opportunities, choices & experience. When you step into the enchanting world of BSMS, its varied educational programmes shall see you through an exciting process of personal growth and career fulfilment.

This institution provides you the grounds for intellectual challenge and cultural diversity cutting across all boundaries of class and communities. The chance to take up quality-focused education supported by the modern technologies tools is all yours.

Our experienced faculties will prepare you to assume responsibility positions in the industry and reinforce in you the ability to adapt to change. You shall have the opportunity to explore the vistas of Kharagpur, while being bordered by a network that hinges on affiliation, setting in you standards that is recognised by the best in the industry.

In coming few years BSMS will be one of the pioneer private management colleges in eastern India. In this endeavour a team of highly qualified faculty, extremely committed management and decidedly focused governing body will be looking after every wellbeing and betterment of students to make BSMS a centre of excellence. We will be a leader in hospitality and management education through quality education, inspiring innovative ideas, instigating confidence and cultivating intellectual and personal development of students.


In the milieu where change in inevitable, every day brings forth new challenges. The hospitality industry too over the years has evolved ways and means to keep pace with the changing time and demand. Hotel business is the oldest known commercial endeavor, known to mankind. Hospitality is one of the World’s fastest growing Industries. Today tourism is the single largest industry in the world employing over 150 million people globally. One out of ten people in the world are employed by this industry. Today 4 million people in India are employed in Hotel, Catering and Tourism industry. The industry is growing at a healthy rate of 5% annually. In the year, 2006 itself tourist arrival in India recorded 5.5 Lakhs. With the onset of globalization the hospitality industry in India is witnessing a burgeoning growth with the demand for more rooms growing every year throwing open ample opportunities for employment. The demand for hotel rooms, have doubled with special international events round the corner, like the 2010 Commonwealth Games as well as 2011 ICC World Cup. With foreign investment pouring the in stock markets crossing the 20000 mark in early 2008 and with FOREX earning recorded at 3400 Crores. There are one crucial need in the industry and that is the need for TRAINED MANPOWER.

The days have gone, when only large 5 star hotel engaged trained staff, now even medium sized establishments desire trained staff to provide their guest with professional service. It is estimated that within the next few years approximately 2 Lakhs Trained Hotel Management Professionals are required in India alone. It is but obvious that there is unlimited career opportunities in this field.

One of the predications for global economy is that the growth of tourism is to be more pronounced in the Asia Pacific region, including India. Therefore an exciting variety of career choices are available in these respective areas.